Mind-Body Fit studio & on location 
60 minutes
single                           €   70                    
duo                               €   45 p.p. 

Somatic healing studio & on location
60 minutes                   €   80                    
90 minutes                   € 110 

Bodywork studio 
50-60 minutes              €   60                  
80-90 minutes              €   80       
100-120 minutes         € 100

Times & Rates

private sessions

Somatics & Bodywork


private lesson/session may be rescheduled or cancelled,  but notice of less than 24 hours will incur a 100% of the cost for the lesson/session.

students expressly agree that they take classes at their own risk.

all prices include VAT.

all sales final.

full payment is due the first day of classes.

registration is guaranteed after your payment.

group lessons

M B Fit

bank details

NL24INGB0004548209 to A. Fernandez

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