Hands-on Bodywork

Hands-on is a manual technique and skill essential for the Somatic Movement Practitioner.

It can be applied in a Hands-on Bodywork session to assess and support the self-healing potential of the body.

During a Somatic Movement session, issues are addressed in-depth and this from various perspectives, examining the layers of one’s narrative of life. In this Hands-on Bodywork session the focus goes directly on the physical manifestation of an issue.

The objective is to free tensions and restore the flow of energy and the rhythm between internal and external balance and to recover a sense of integrity


better coordination by recovering sensory-motor function.

improve musculoskeletal alignment.

relieve chronic pain. (shoulders, neck, headache, joints…)

restore cellular energy-flow crucial to internal stability

balance joint mobility and muscular tone for more ease and stability.

enhance grounding and vitality

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