Somatic movement coaching

transforms body intelligence into health, wellbeing and effective action.

5 Pillars Somatics Method

The ‘5 Pillars Somatics’ method is a body oriented and experiential way of dealing with questions, challenges and/or problems concerning health, wellbeing and effective action. In this approach the physical and psychological aspects are considered to be closely interlinked and inseparable.

The five pillars are the five competencies applied during a session (soma mapping, embody-embrace-empower, peace-full communication, experiential learning and *somatic skills).


Initial intake: Placing the responsibility between you (client) and me (coach) is essential. You will collaborate in determining the nature of the inquiry and in finding the most suitable approach to tackle the issue.

Through either or both, *counseling, touch, breathing, vocalization and movement I will guide you towards embodied awareness.

Embodied awareness means giving full attention to the body in the here and now, and becoming sensitive to its signals.

These signals will trigger mental, emotional and physical feelings. These feelings will be identified on the surface and deeper layers.

To embrace your feelings, means to honoring and offering them the time to be fully experienced and recognized. 

Your body and emotions have been validated and they may now be freed. The mind becomes wiser and new perspectives start to open up. You are empowered.

for whom

for anyone who couldn’t find an answer in the regular medicine and looks for a personal and creative approach:

  1. -to dissipate negative physical and emotional conditioning

  2. -reclaim your self-image en self-esteem

  3. -turn weaknesses into strengths and develop a sense of autonomy.

NOTE: a somatic movement coach cannot provide a medical diagnosis. It cannot replace regular medical care, but is complementary.