‘You guided me towards an inner quality of movement

and breathing. I feel the vitality of the journey

and find it back in the trees.’ B.

"My impression is that perfect pilates might even better work on psychotrauma than yoga. It is a powerfull resource when it is done on a regular basis"

Marcel Holtslag,

Body-oriented SMPT-psychotherapist

as a reaction to:


«...I enjoyed the lessons last season very much. I like your open style that created a feeling of being part of a group, and I think that is quite something! ...»


«Ik wil graag doorgaan met de pilates lessen want ze zijn erg goed en leuk! Wel zwaar voor mij af en toe, maar ik hoop beter te worden!»



My experience with Somatic Coaching – and especially with Alfredo-, has been wonderful and rewarding. Though I had some idea what somatic coaching would consist of, and contribute to, it has exceeded my expectations. It is so effective and yet so subtle! Becoming aware of your body and how it reflects our inner world is fascinating, and makes you ‘feel’ the invisible mind-body connection. Our bodies are like vehicles with which we carry  – and half of it unnecessary. Through his able guidance, patience, and intuitive skills I’ve acquired new ways to find centre, relax and find my strength. Or – in his own words- “to just BE”. 

V.M., Amsterdam

I like to thank you for your caring presence as a somatic movement master. I have truly come to basic underlying issues about my life; especially from my early childhood. Just by going with you through the first steps in life. Literally, emotionally and  symbolically! Literally by lying, being touched on less lively places of my body, taking the first steps of walking autonomous with the sense of insecurity of a young child. That made this 10-session trajectory so powerful. It helped me to integrate and find back a disowned sense of security. That was al on the rail of contact. Your presence is very sensitive and attuning and firm where needed to explore a next step. That was wonderful. I feel so much better now. Thanks a lot.